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We are very excited to soon be starting the new academic year and we have lots of exciting news!


While Lynieve, Paradigmz and Alejandro will remain as Singing, Dance and Sunday Acting Tutor respectively, this term we are very happy to welcome some new team members; Saturday Acting Tutor, Maeve Ryan, and Youth Support Workers, Jessica Martin, Grace Higgins, Teisha Salmon and Zalika Henry.

We also are happy to announce that Kulraj Thethy will taking on a new role as Project Coordinator for weekends.  Finally, Programme Manager, Maddy Smith will be taking on the Seniors as Acting Tutor.

(c) 2015 DreamArts Gala by Greg Veit Photograph


We have also made some changes to the age groups we will be working with.  We have decided to split the Juniors into two groups: 7-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds, which means we can accept children a year younger than previously. It also means that we will be able to cover new themes, and work at a level which is more specifically age appropriate to our members.


(c) 2015 DreamArts Gala by Greg Veit Photograph


After piloting the idea over the last two summer terms, the two Seniors groups will now be forming one new Performance Company, that will meet on Sunday afternoons only at City of Westminster College.  This decision has been driven partly by the make-up of the membership of the existing Seniors, which is predominantly Sunday members.  While it means that some will need to travel further, the group will be larger and a lot more robust. We will also be able to undertake work that has been impossible to do within the current format and group size on a Saturday – most importantly, this will ultimately provide huge learning benefits to all the Senior members.

The term details are as follows:

Dates:                   Saturday 3rd October – Saturday 21st November @ Pimilco Academy, SW1V


Sunday 4th October – Sunday 22nd November @ City of Westminster College W2

Times:                  Juniors: 10.30am – 3pm

                             Seniors (*SUNDAY ONLY): 1.30pm – 5pm

Cost:                      £35.00 (payable in full by Week 4 please)

Uniforms:           Uniforms cost £12.00 and they are COMPULSORY FOR ALL MEMBERS. We will be fining £1.50 for anyone attending without one.  (This is not because we are trying to be difficult, but because it means they are easily identifiable in a building which has many groups of people in it.)

File 05-03-2015 14 38 24


In addition to the new groups, we have also decided to alter the way in which we work with our members.  We will now be 2 running sessions per day for each group which are 1hr 45mins each.  Acting will remain a constant, with Singing and Dancing alternating weekly.  This will mean that the work we do with our members will have a lot more potential to explore the personal development side of our work, along with performance skills development.  Additionally, it allow more time for reflection on what they are discovering

Finally, the members will now be getting the opportunity to devise their very own new musical show!  This will mean they can explore their own ideas, work more closely together to create their own group work and get the most out of the opportunity for skills development.  We have found that while the popular musical choices are always very successful, it is often quite limiting in the kind of stories and roles that the young people get to play – we believe that giving our members the chance to create their own roles and stories is an ideal progression from the work that they already do.

(c) 2015 DreamArts

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or on 07951 921 247.


Best wishes



(c) 2015 DreamArts

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