Weeks 8 -10 – Time to get serious!

After our ‘stagger throughs’, it’s full steam ahead for the next couple of weeks, making sure that everyone knows what they are doing and tidying up missing bits and transitions between scenes.

Putting an evening like our Gala together is a bit of a marathon and as a result, at this point in term, everyone’s tiredness starts to show.  This happens in lots of ways – illness (which there is still a lot of and so more absences than is ideal!), but mainly forgetting lines or bits of choreography – these final weekends really were a battle for this sort of thing!   It’s a lot to ask, to get get your members to start to piece together the songs, the scenes and the dances – especially as some of them have never been in a play before, never mind an all singing, all dancing musical!

Having said all that, our brilliant young people are the ones who make this all work in the end, and these final rehearsal weeks are where some real start come into their own… not just performers, but leaders.  Many of the members, step up and take on roles that are more about encouraging and supporting their fellow members.



This takes many forms, teaching bits of choreography to those who’ve been away or are struggling, testing people on their lines, acting as a 2nd eye for the director to make sure everything looks as it should, being leaders for the ensemble to ensure that the blocking is correct when the main action is happening… even just being a good friend when someone feels nervous, stressed or upset.

Plus this week we started to add props into the scenes too… just to make it REALLY challenging!

Like this one, that Maddy had to carry about on the tube… can you tell what it is?


We also got our costume fittings going in full effect in these final weeks… the lovely Miranda has been rooting through our costume cupboard and her own supply at home and is mostly now seen carrying around large suitcases at weekends!



Dresses for Cinderella’s nasty step-sisters.


  Rapunzel meets her hair!

Week 7 – Stagger through the shows…

This week we all came together over the weekend to see the first run… or at least ‘stagger’ through the shows.  It was really exciting to see how all the hard work was beginning to pay off.

All the groups have really challenged themselves to learn everything… despite there being lots of absences due to illness and school stuff.  They are really working together as a team and supporting each other – some people stepping in as understudies, or even taking over one or two roles as one or two people found they had to drop out.  They’ve also shown really brilliant leadership skills by helping each other rehearse while they are waiting for their headshots…

Everyone also got their headshots taken by Greg the photographer, which was really fun!  It made everyone feel really professional!


Here’s what ‘M’ who is in the Saturday Juniors had to say about the day:

‘This week we have been doing a very important rehearsal.  We have combined all our lessons (singing, acting and dancing) and have done a full run through.  Most of the class know all their lines and we are acknowledging our positiions i.e. off stage, stage left etc.  

Everyone is really excited.  We haven’t reached the tummy butterflies but people are becoming curious about what the gala and stage is going to be like for the new joiners.  The past few galas have been successful so we have a lot to do, be we are almost there and we know we can do it!’

Week 6 – The Lurgy!!


Argh!  Everyone is sick!

It’s half term, and lots of people are suffering from the dreaded Lurgy!  Lynieve is unwell, Maddy is unwell, half the members are unwell… what are we to do?!

On Saturday we soldiered on with who we had, but on Sunday – oooof! We were half the amount we should have been so it made it REALLY hard to get work done.

The members however, really came to our rescue by being amazing, responsible and helpful – the Juniors helped Maddy cover the singing class and learned the finale song for the Gala – they even put some moves together – look!