Weeks 5 – Dance, dance… dance!

File 05-03-2015 14 38 24

While the singing and acting tutors keep chipping away at those scenes and lyrics, some of the mostly challenging work we do at the weekend happens in dance.  Paradigmz, our dance tutor has been with Dreamarts for a long time, so he really knows how to get results – but boy is he tough!  He will make you practice again and again until you get it right – there is something to be said for this approach as our bodies have something called ‘muscle memory‘…. they say it takes 10 000 hours of practice to make someone and expert.  But we don’t have 10 000 hours, only 2.5 hours spread over 10 or so weeks so that’s why it’s such a challenge!

And the Juniors starting to bring Fat Sam’s Grand Slam to life…


Week 4 – Let the rehearsals commence!


We’ve got really stuck into rehearsals now… everyone has their role, and they are furiously ‘blocking’ the show – blocking is when the director tells the actors where to enter, exit and stand in the scenes.  Most directors work in this way – they spend some time at the start of the rehearsal period to block the show from beginning to end, and then once they’ve done that they go back and work on the details of the acting.

File 05-03-2015 16 05 08

File 05-03-2015 16 14 43

Here are the Saturday and Sunday Seniors in the stages of blocking….

For the Sunday Juniors however, this is working a bit differently as they are devising the scenes around songs from Into The Woods, so they get to make up what happens in the scene in terms of the action – they just fit it around a skeleton story frame that makes up the show…

They read the description of the scene and discuss…

File 05-03-2015 14 12 19       and then they get up on their feet and make the scene…

Here they are making Grandmother’s chair …File 05-03-2015 14 20 31

Casting conundrums… Week 3


Casting is never easy… everyone puts their all in and there are always only so many lead roles to be filled, so it figures that someone is going to be disappointed.  It’s easy to understand why too!  For some of our members it is the first time that they have been put under the microscope in this way and it is REALLY nerve-wracking!  Ask any actor – it is a lifetime of anxiety!

What makes it worth it however, is knowing that you have challenged yourself to do something that is scary – even if it doesn’t come off the way you hoped.  We try to cast members in the role, not only that they deserve, but also one that will challenge them in some way.  Our idea of what they deserve and what they think they deserve is sometimes not the same, but we do try!  We spend a lot of time thinking about what our members have put into, not only the audition, but also the sessions – if you’ve turned up late a lot, or messed about in the sessions and not focused but done an amazing audition, we are not likely to take the risk on you, not because we don’t think you are any good, but because we need members who are totally committed to the show. While we have a lot of fun and learn new skills, what we also do at Dreamarts is provide life lessons for members – and this is a BIG one!

You get out, what you put in.

Any this is another –

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


What?!!!!  What does she mean?

Well, I guess what I’m saying is, even if you have one line, if you make the most of it and put the work in, people will remember you!  These guys were already on that, as soon as they had been cast…

“ I’d like to do more work on a US accent”

“I’d like to work on my characters physicality”

 “I need more physical character stuff”

 “I’d like some help with projection

 “I need help with how my character moves”

 “I need help with basic stage craft”

This is how you get a better role!