End of term!

We had a great day sharing bits of the work we’ve been doing over the term.

All the member had a chance to warm-up as a whole group and have some fun and then they had some time to practice the things they were showing back.

The Juniors and Seniors hardly ever get a chance to talk to each other, let alone see each other’s work, so it was great to see them giving each other such insightful feedback and supporting each other as they shared work-in-progress.

Here is a taste of what is to come!

Sunday Juniors performing a section of ‘Hello Little Girl’ from Into The Woods (man, I look scared too!)

The Saturday Seniors wowed us with this VERY energetic routine for ‘Make ’em Laugh’ from Singin’ in the Rain!

Meanwhile, the Seniors got up to some rapping for Bring It On…

Looking in great shape for the Gala next term already! Eeep!

Week 7 – And now, the end is near…


Just one more week until the end of term! So that means everyone was working really hard to making their pieces for the sharing next week.

The Saturday Juniors were having a great time rehearsing their scenes from Bugsy Malone…

Claire helps Danait to direct her fellow actors, to perfect their scene


Zack and Adam try not to giggle while playing a meeting of two gang heads, while Rezart looks on…


Jack, Myles and Hermela looking mean as Fat Sam’s henchmen. IMG_0772

To be honest, I’m not sure what was going on here, but Tuuji is certainly committee to it what ever it is!! :o)


Ardita, Elena and Maya playing some of Fat Sam’s Speakeasy girls looking on adoringly at Bugsy





Meanwhile, the Sunday Juniors were exploring environments and stage pictures for Into The Woods…

Here they are exploring the woods in an exercise where the animals are hunting the human and yet the animals and the trees can transform from one into the other  when touched.

In singing they are still wrestling with dear old Stephen Sondheim…. narration now being added but everyone is so engaged with listening they forgot to sing!!

Week 6 – Down to the business of show…


This week all the groups got down to working sections of choreography, songs and scenes to prepare for our in-house sharing at the end of this term – only 2 weeks away! Where has the time gone?  It is really amazing how quickly everyone is picking things up – makes for very exciting weekends for those of us seeing people improve in front of our eyes!

The Acting sessions are going particularly well as our Tutors work with the groups to explore the stories and characters.

Here’s Claire reading through a Bugsy scene with some of the Saturday Juniors…


Then they got up and tried some things out… here’s Jewell and Iman working on a scene between Bugsy and Blousey.

IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0454

While some of the others worked on scenes with Fat Sam and his Gang members.  Here’s Ella, Anissa, Tuuji, Jada and Gana working on theirs…


The Seniors were doing equally well on Saturday, working on scenes from Singin’ In The Rain which require some bold, diva-like characterisations! Here’s Amelia and Ben working with our volunteer Sophie to create a scene…

IMG_0465 IMG_0467

Our Sunday Groups are also doing brilliantly, with the Juniors working hard to get to grips with the very wordy Steven Sondheim, but they are determined…


Miranda, who is in charge of doing our costumes this year has even already bought a couple of things for Into The Woods!


Meanwhile the Seniors got into some scene work with Alejandro and Anna for Bring It On…



Here’s Evie and Jamaira in a confrontation improvisation between the characters Campbell and Danielle…

Finally, they got learning some cheerleading style choreography for on of the big songs in the show, It’s All Happening… it’s early days and they’re doing great (they just need to get fitter!!)

Here’s Bacson, Jamaira, Evie, Eduardo and Venesa showing their section back…

Week Five – The People Have Spoken…

And the winners are (drum roll please…)






Everyone seems really happy with the choices – especially the Sunday Seniors who, despite admitting that Bring It On was going to be hard work choreographically, they still chose it as they really wanted to do something contemporary.

No sooner had we announced the shows they’d chosen, than did we get working on them!


This is what some of the members had to say about their sessions:


“I love Splat!” (game)

“I prefer Let’s Wah to Splat!” (another game!)

“I really liked the scene work – nothing negative to say.”

“I like exploring my own ideas, trying different possibilities.”

“I felt like I was really in the woods surrounded by animals.”

“You create by adding to what others are offering.”