Summer Round Up – Seniors

The Summer term seems such a long time ago, but we thought you might be interested in seeing what everyone got up to.

The Saturday and Sunday Seniors came together this Summer to take part in a very special project. Programme Manager (and Theatre Director), Maddy worked with radio specialist, Max Graef to help them write, perform and record their very own radio play – The Party of the Season


We took some time to discuss and share our opinions on what life is like as a young person in London and then came up with some characters through improvisations.  We then used the characters to do a shared story creation exercise to develop their individual narratives.

It took a bit of time to get to grips with radio acting…

Let alone, filming the making of video!

Then, with a bit of discussion, negotiation, editing and a little bit of magic, we managed to make a timeline which fitted all the stories together…. but we’ll let the actual plan speak for itself shall we?

Click here for our Soundcloud!



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