Summer round up – Juniors


We had two special projects this Summer term for our Junior Weekend members:

The Saturday Juniors performed selections from the Wizard of Oz and then a Happy/ Roar mash-up at SouthWest Fest in the parade and on stage.

We braved the rain..

IMG_06701b8b3568-596d-43de-b362-32a80aab551760d1a34a-24b2-4e55-b0c1-c63a5c1e08deGot our face paint on…


And wowed the crowd with our costumes…. we even won prizes! 3rd in Best Group Costume and Best Individual Costume for Gary the Cowardly Lion!


Meanwhile on the other side of town…

The Sunday Juniors got involved in a very interesting project with artist, Patrick Staff at The Showroom Gallery…

showroom flyer

Where they took part in sessions exploring movement and everyday objects with Patrick and a choreographer… it was very different from other things they’ve done and they really enjoyed learning some new things!

IMG_0625Showroom 9Showroom 7IMG_0657

Here’s what some of the members said:

  • ‘Really nice to try something new with the same DreamArts group.  I love drawing!’
  • ‘I like the warm up activities as they were different’
  • ‘We did lots of puppet stuff and relationships; it was a good session as we had to write.’
  • ‘Fun. You used props in different ways. You had to write instructions on how use your props.  It was challenging.’




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